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Sunshine’s Friends Cat and Dog Rescue (SFCDR) has been involved with helping animals in need since 2003. We incorporated and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in October 2014. The number of animals we have rescued or aided has grown every year since then. We were first established under the name “Sunshine’s Friends Cat Rescue and Sanctuary”. The name and mission have changed to include dogs due to a growing need to provide most of the same help for dogs as we do for cats. Our non-profit public title is thus called “Sunshine’s Friends Cat and Dog Rescue.”

Sunshine’s Friends’ mission (the 5 R's) is:

  • To RESCUE abandoned community cats and dogs in desperate situations;
  • To REHABILITATE the sick, the injured, and the abused;
  • To REHOME cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies ready for permanent placement with a suitable guardian;
  • To provide a loving REFUGE for cats and dogs that are not adopted; and
  • To REDUCE local shelter intake by promoting spaying and neutering.

We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to serving helpless animals. Our goal is to stop the unnecessary euthanasia of all cats and dogs and to give them a second chance to live a good life with a loving family or companion.

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