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We believe that cats and dogs deserve to live their lives in the best possible conditions – adopted into loving homes, in temporary foster care, or moved up from feral colonies into barns. These programs accomplish those goals through rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming.

  • Rehabilitation – before our adoptees are rehomed, we address their physical and social issues and update their vaccinations.
  • Fostering for Rockstars – we are striving to recruit a cadre of dedicated fosters who care for the pets between intake and placement.
  • Adoption and “Cat-Matchmaking” – we pride ourselves on very low adoption failures because we know our adoptees and consider which adopters will be the best fit for their temperament, age, and personality.
  • Senior and Special Needs placement – we are determined to find the right homes to assure a fulfilling relationship for those pets that need extra care because of age or physical/medical restrictions.
  • Barn Placement - we work diligently to find safe alternatives for relocating feral, semi-feral, or tame cats that are accustomed to being outdoors. Our barn placement adoptions follow a strict, proven protocol for acclimating them to their new home.
  • Rehoming Assistance – in most cases due to the volume of homeless animals that we intake, we cannot accept surrendered pets. We can however, help the current guardians by posting their pets on national adoption databases, and by referring potential adopters to them.

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