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Late April through August most female cats who haven't been spayed will go into heat every seven weeks and when they are fertile, they need to mate and the end result is a boatload of kittens. Sunshine's Friends is committed to ending the cycle of local feral and community cats giving birth to litters of at least two to five kittens from the age of about six months old. So, we participate in TNR programs where the mother cat is captured either while pregnant or with a litter and when the babies are weaned, the mother is either spayed and returned to her colony (if feral) or if she is obviously a stray and still accustomed to people, she is spayed and put up for adoption with her kittens. Sunshine's Friends currently has multiple litters of kittens who are reaching the age of adoption. 

Please contact us through our website below or visit one of our Adoption Clinics at the Ellicott City PetSmart shown on our event calendar.

Sunshine's Friends Cat & Dog Rescue

Here is a kaliedope of kittens we currently have available to become your fur friends (we prefer you adopt them in pairs because they need a lot of attention).

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