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Our success stories have happy endings for Sunshine’s Friends.

One of the most rewarding things we do at the sanctuary is rescue feral moms with their kittens.  Some of these kittens were born in abandoned houses, some behind dumpsters, and some in wooded areas.  The condition of the kittens mostly depends on the food source for the mom.  Many of the moms weigh as little as five pounds and they have between four to six babies to feed.  These little families generally have had no positive contact with people.  The mother cat may never be socialized or completely comfortable with us, however, she will appreciate having regular meals and a safe place to nurse her babies.  The feral moms, no matter how cautious and scared of humans they are, learn to trust the hand that feeds them.  They may never let you touch them but have no objections to you handling their kittens.


Part of our job is to desensitize the kitten to as many aspects of home life as possible.  When they are old enough to be curious we take them to different rooms and let them experience everyday sights and sounds of a human family.  We also introduce them to as many different people and other animals as we can.  It makes the placement with different age and gender guardians and homes with other family pets easier.


Lily and Zoe help with acclimating cats to human contact and activities. The girls do a great job introducing kittens to family life. They provide hours of cuddling and play time to give them positive interactions with people.

  zoe   lilly


Sebastian was adopted and has a new big brother, so he's now called "Junior". They are getting along great, and eat sleep and play together.

  sebastian01   sebastian02   sebastian03


Clobul and Eldon were born each missing part of a rear leg. They were adopted by a loving couple who connected deeply with these special-need cats.  Their siblings were also placed into new forever homes.  Tinkerbell gets loads of attention from her special person.

  three legged kittens01 three legged kittens02  three legged kittens03 


Cindy (named after Cindy Crawford) has a new family.  In addition to her new mom, she has two dogs, a cat, and guinea pigs for playmates.

  cindy01 cindy02  cindy03 


This is one of Sunshine's Friends that has a new home.  Here is Willow with her new dad and new best friend.

  willow01 willow02 


Pippin was a kitten that was adopted by a family with a newborn.  They renamed him Finn and he loves to watch over the baby.

  pippin01 pippin02  pippin03 

Mia, happy momma with her kittens

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