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Pets should not have to die, be euthanized, or be surrendered because their guardians could not afford to pay for their medical care. Hope4Paws is our new and additional Sunshine's Friends program emphasizing our continued commitment to our community. Hope4Paws will lower the number of pets unnecessarily being given up or euthanized. The program will help pet guardians keep their pets instead of having to surrender them because their medical care is beyond what they can afford to pay. The program will help prevent families from having to surrender their pets to county shelters. It is an alternative approach to taking pets out of county shelters and finding new homes for them.

This program will fund medical care that is beyond basic care or routine procedures like spay/neuter, vaccinations, deworming, wellness checkups etc. It will provide help with medical expenses for pets that need surgery, treatment for injuries or serious, life-threatening illness in order to survive and live without suffering.

Eligibility for this program is based on residency and income and will be determined on a case by case basis.

Won't you help build a fund so we can provide relief to suffering animals and make it possible for them to live healthier, pain-free lives while remaining with their families?

Application Process

In order to apply for assistance from Hope4Paws, the cat owner must submit the following:

  1. On-line Application,
  2. Proof of income and residency (as identified below),
  3. A written cost estimate from the veterinarian for the required procedures and/or treatment (if it is not an emergency case).
  4. Name, address, and medical license number of the veterinarian.

Qualification Criteria

The program will pay for medical bills for cats and dogs of low-income families who are residents of Maryland.

Eligibility is based on residency and income.  The household income cannot exceed the “very low” income limits set by the HUD for public housing assistance for the Baltimore County region (which includes Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Carroll, Harford, Howard, and Queen Anne’s).   

Income limits per household are:

  • Single: $31,900
  • A family of 2: $36,450
  • A family of 3: $41,000
  • A family of 4: $45,550

Additional family members: Add $3,650 per family member to $45,500.

Proof of Income required (provide one)

  • W-2 forms for entire household
  • 1040 income tax return from the previous year
  • Pay stubs from most recent 2 pay periods
  • Proof of SSI benefits, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), unemployment benefits, disability benefits, subsidized housing, or other public assistance

Proof of Maryland residency (provide one)

  • Driver’s license
  • Recent utility bill

Payment Procedure

  • The program will offer a veterinary referral and/or a grant to a qualified resident for a maximum amount of $1,000.    
  • The program will fund medical care that is beyond basic care or routine procedures like, for example, spay/neuter, vaccinations, deworming, routine checkup etc. It includes serious veterinary treatment, surgery, injury, and serious life-threatening illness, that the cats and dogs need in order to survive and live without suffering.
  • We will talk to the vet as to the medical necessity, urgency, and prognosis for the treatment needed.
  • If possible, we will try to send the cats to our partner veterinarians to get rescue discount rates or will try to negotiate with the owners’ vets.
  • We need a cost estimate from the veterinarian to approve the grant and payment (with an exception for emergency cases).
  • The payment will be sent directly to the vet and not the owner.

Program Disclaimer: Hope4Paws does not consider ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion when considering our support.  We reserve the right to grant support to anyone for any reason.  We also reserve the right to ascertain the level of support on a case by case basis.

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